Week 4

Week four of October, that is.
I thought I had better post before it was suddenly November.

Life has continued to move forward.
Baseball and Budget seem to dominate my life.
Baseball and Computers and kids have been dominating Carl’s life.
With a side of cars thrown in for good measure.

Baseball – I am rooting for the Cardinals, and therefore 7 games. Carl is rooting for 7 games, but I think he is leaning toward the Cardinals winning game 7. Several reasons, at least one of which is letting the hometown fans have a ball. And another is the relative factor.

Budget is what must get done at work. There are other things that must get done, but the GM is looking for the budget, so it gets priority.

Computer is there to fret about. Word test mostly done (a take home part still to go), and then it will be on to Excel.

Kids are there to play with, watch play, referee play, etc, etc, etc.

And cars? Tires, 5000 mile check-ups and traffic known as VIADOOM to contend with.
They are tearing down part of one of the major arterials. They actually have bypasses in place, but during the tear down stage they are not usable. So, alternative routes are the rule, and avoidance is my goal. 2 days down, 7 to go.

Back to the budget.

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