Something’s Missing

Today was a home day.
We really did not go out, at least until there was a small grocery run necessary.

Dinner is cooking. Chicken in a butter chicken sauce, with olive bread on the side.
Then it dawned on us.

This is first time in four years that we are not celebrating with family, friends and a turkey.
It’s Thanksgiving! At least if you are north of the border.
Technically, it is tomorrow, but we always had the big dinner on Sunday.

Canadian Thanksgiving gives thanks for the harvest.
But for 30 years it has coincided with Columbus Day. Coincidence?

Other than cooking dinner we have been having a home day to catch up on a few chores, a bit of cleaning, and ….
I actually sat down and read the Sunday paper. And did one of the crosswords.
Carl got his homework done.
And we watched some football.
(The Baseball that was played, was not played on our TV. C’mon Cardinals, get it together. You are our one hope for World Series Tickets.)

So – Happy Thanksgiving, plentiful harvests and good food to all.

6 Responses to “Something’s Missing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    And to you! We never made it to your daughter’s work; we were either uptown or downtown, it seemed like. I don’t like feeling the change of traditions. It always shakes up my world a bit.

    • jay Says:

      No worries – that was an, “if the planets align,” sort of thing. I still don’t really understand how New York fits together, but I know more now than I did last year.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    You’re not rooting for a Cardinals – Tigers matchup? You’d have two places to stay, although Dad would be grumpy b/c the Yankees didn’t win.

    • jay Says:

      Actually – we are rooting for a Cardinals – Tigers matchup. At least I am. Many around here, despite Bud Selig, would like the Pilots, er Brewers, to get to the world series. I would go to Detroit, but am not sure whether anyone there would be diligent about the ticket lookout.

  3. regenaxe Says:

    Rey called, he is coming to STL for the American turkey day

  4. regenaxe Says:

    You are welcome to come too. — the late riser half of RegenAxe

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