Has it been a whole week?

It seems like it has, but not for lack of things going on. Rather the amount of things going on that were brain sapping, leaving no strength to type at the end of the day.

Monday: There was a lot of work to do, mostly on the budget. Stayed until 10 PM. (I was not the only one still there.)

Tuesday: Started work at 7 AM. Meeting to go over the stuff that we worked on until 10 the night before. And Carl got his homework done.

Wednesday: Started work at home. Really – except that the work that I was doing was work on the house. Cleaned a bathroom, made a bed, drove Carl to class, and then picked him up later … This was all different because we spent the day interviewing contractors. We are planning an extensive remodel to the house, and need to choose a contractor that will work with our architect. The first interview was at 10:30 AM. The next at 1:00, and the third at 7:15 PM. Between the last two interviews I really did do some work work. And Carl went to work.

Thursday: Morning dawned early, and Carl took me to a seminar I had in Seattle, and then he was off to his work – morning duty to drop a kindergartener off for a change. His usual work time is after school. The day was a beautiful fall day, chilly but clear. The seminar was basically held in the middle of a park, and during lunch a co-worker and I walked around the grounds. This included a “Sound Garden” of pipes attached to a blade that kept it in line with the wind. The wind would blow across the pipes like blowing across a pop bottle. It sounded a bit like an orchestra warming up. In the evening we went to MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry) for a Now and Then exhibit. These are old photographs with a current photograph of the same location provided for comparison. The Now photographer was there to talk about the project. We saw the event, but did not stay for the talk.

Friday:  Back to “normal” work for me. But Carl had a full day with one of his kids – school was out for teacher in-service. They went to the Museum of Flight, and generally horsed around. Apparently Carl completely wore the kid out. A good thing. And I got out of work right at closing time. That is something that almost never happens. As it happens – there are three high schools (on the same road) within 1-1/4 mile of our office. The closest school was having homecoming – and a parade. They close the road in front of our office, and if you are too late in leaving – you are going to be really late in leaving. I did not push the window. The other two high schools also had home-football games Friday night. Kind of a perfect storm for traffic. I was glad to head away and home.

Saturday: The big thing for us today was the Seattle Sounders game. But that was not until the evening. So we did some homework (mine was family arithmetic, Carl’s was, well homework). Then we drove down to the stadium district and parked the car. And walked home. We took a higher route than usual, staying away from the water, and generally east of the highway (once we got there). We traversed Capital Hill. While crossing one of the major roads, a car turned in front of us, instead of waiting for us, the pedestrians, to clear the crosswalk. I actually turned to see if there were any other cars coming, and Carl gave the driver a round of applause. (Really, he only clapped his hands.) Now there was a police car at the intersection waiting to turn left. But, as the light went to yellow – he turned right instead, and the lights came on. Shortly we heard the short siren bursts they use to tell you to pull over. I think our non-pedestrian friendly driver was getting a ticket. At least I hope they were. We stopped at a french bakery about a mile from home. Three croissants later, (ham and cheese, feta and spinach, and almond) we were on our way.

When it was time for the soccer game we caught a bus. The storefront at our bus stop has gone through several incarnations. This is the current form.

Do they allow medical marijuana dispensaries in your city?

The bus was packed, but it was a quick ride. It was a precursor to the packed stadium. They opened up almost all of the seats in the stadium. The reason for the higher than average interest was the last regular season game for this year. There will be at least one playoff game, but this was the last for-sure game, and the last regular season home game for Kasey Keller. For those that don’t know soccer, Kasey Keller has played internationally, on the US team, been on four World Cup teams, and chose to close out his career with the Seattle Sounders. He has been with them since they joined the MLS. While the San Jose Earthquakes scored first, and were pressing for most of the game, the Sounders prevailed 2-1. At one point Keller had to save 4 close-in shots in quick succession. He still has it.

So – that is our week in a nutshell.

3 Responses to “Has it been a whole week?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can understand why you haven’t blogged; this is quite a list of activities! What is the name of the French bakery? I love croissants! I always enjoy seeing jerky drivers get caught.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    “Do they allow medical marijuana dispensaries in your city?”

    Yes! Or…. NO! Or…

    (Don’t get me started about our wondrous city council.)

  3. jay Says:

    Le Fournil, on Eastlake near the University Bridge. The almond crossaints are to die for. Could it be the butter? You can see the bakery part in the windows next to the cafe/retail area.

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