test pattern

When I was a bit younger, OK a lot younger, TV stations did not broadcast all night long. Occasionally I would stay up late at night. Sometimes I would even fall asleep on the couch, in front of the TV.

Eventually, the witching hour would arrive and the signal entertaining us, or accompanying our snoring, would start the end of their day routine.

I seem to recall the National anthem, the flag, and maybe a song. Then – the test pattern would take over the small black and white screen.

Last night I was up working, with the TV as a chattering chum nearby. Leno ended, and Kimmel was on deck. An announcement – it barely registered. “We need to maintain our transmitter, and will be going off the air.”

And then they did.

Perhaps the cable, dish or direct folks still had service, but us over the air dinosaurs were out of luck.

It was time for bed anyway, but it did take me back.

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