Soccer – YES (again)

Here we are in the middle of the baseball playoffs, and we are still talking about soccer.

The Seattle Sounders played the Chicago Fire for the US Open Cup Final tonight.
This is one of the three “seasons” they are playing in right now.

The Concacaf Cup – with teams from the Americas (north, south, centra)
The MLS Season – of course.
And the US Open Cup. A long storied cup. You can be ANY team from the US to join this tournament.

This is the third season in a row that the Sounders have won the US Open Cup.
They have only been in the MLS for three seasons. Not a bad record.

It was a rough, wide open, and sometimes frantic game.
In the end, the Sounders WON! 2-0.
Both goals were scored in the second half – right in front of our seats. Exciting.

A phone picture of the trophy presentation (with all three of the trophies they have won).

2011 Lamar Hunt Open Cup Celebration

4 Responses to “Soccer – YES (again)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s GREAT to have a high achieving team in Seattle. (even though I don’t really understand soccer)

  2. jane Says:

    looks like a lot of fun!

  3. regenaxe Says:

    The Cards won, but you know that. Congrats! Do I have to go to work tomorrow?

    • raincharm Says:

      Let’s see. They don’t play tommorow. When they do play, it is in Philly. So, unless you celebrated a bit too much, I would save my vacation.

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