Is it Friday already?

That is what it feels like.
I guess there is a bit of a hangover when you take a short vacation.

So this week has been filled with others taking vacation around me, which means I am trying to cover a bit for them – but not much. It is more of a mental thing. If I could get my desk to show a bit of empty space I think my brain would like it better too. But – the budget must come first, so that is my task for today. Then there are the demands. And finishing up the annexations ……..

Carl – his work has finally hit a “regular” rhythm. At least from what I can tell. Next week he starts taking classes a few days a week, so that will give it even more structure.

Of course we will have to contend with the last three Mariner games next week. And the weather. It is supposed to have a last gasp of summer on Saturday, and then proceed directly to 20 degrees cooler. Maybe I will have to break out my start of the season clothes for the end of the season.

Budget calls … ta-ta.

4 Responses to “Is it Friday already?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s a bit too humid for me but I’m sure I’ll whine a bit about the gray and rainy weather on its way. Vacations are not necessarily relaxing! (especially for the people left to cover)

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Jay, go to the work room and empty a copy paper box into the copier/printer/cupboard. Take the box back to your desk, and stack (in an organized fashion) the lowest priority projects from your desk into the box. Put the box under your desk.

    Admire the clean spot on your desk while breathing deeply and stretching for 3.5 minutes. Now, go tackle the budget before someone sees the blank space on your desk and dumps something on it!

    • jay Says:

      We’re going to need a bigger box.

      I have a stack of about 10 DRAFT water comp plans that I can empty – and would lower the height factor.

      Budget? Worked on it, but sharing a workbook with everyone else trying to get their budgets done was frustrating in the end. I actually thought I had control of the workbook at the end of the day. But when I was ready to save it told me that I couldn’t because others were working in the book. SO I copied all my sheets out to a separate workbook I called “Jays D*** stuff until she can get the real one.xls” For Real. AND – somebody overwrote one of my pages with their project……… I am going to try and clean up the damage tomorrow – when it is supposed to rain, and others should not be trying to work.

  3. regenaxe Says:

    Ouch! If you’re quoting lines from “Jaws”, it must be bad. Good Luck on working in peace and quiet today. –Pooh

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