Last Day of Summer

The calendar said summer ended a few days ago. But here in Seattle, it ended today. Or rather it continued through today.

So, instead of doing any work around the house – we took a walk.
11.5 miles in the end.
We started with a general route in mind, but changed it up as we went along.
We headed west toward the Puget Sound.
We only got as far as the Ballard Locks – which is almost to the Sound.
There were a lot of salmon in the locks, as well as a lot of people. [The people were not “in” the locks. Except those on the boats in the locks.] And there were fish in the locks, taking the easy route up to Lake Union. Most of the fish were dutifully going through the fish ladder, where they had to use a bit more muscle.

We stopped for lunch/brunch at a cafe near the locks, and made the decision to head back to Fremont rather than out to Shilshole Marina (on the Sound). The idea was to perhaps go to Oktoberfest. We did, only not inside. We sat outside along the trail, and watched boats ply the canal. Very nice, warm and sunny.

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Eventually we had to leave the waterway, and start the trudge up the hill toward home.
A stop at the coffee shop, bakery and video store along the way helped pass the rest of the afternoon.

And as we reached home, there were a few drops of rain signalling the gathering of clouds that will now last until spring.

2 Responses to “Last Day of Summer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You just got the rain? It poured last night and has been sprinkling(and blowing) off and on. Welcome to fall! I really want to go to an Oktoberfest somewhere. I think the Fair has one.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Cool Photos! Love the boats.

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