Cloudy with a chance of Sprinklers

So it is Tuesday night, but we are still blogging about the 3-Day.
That is because it is the first time I have had the energy and time, at the same time.
As Pooh would say – this is proof of life.

The Start

4 AM with the moon over the stadium


Iron Man at the start of dinner

And the hungry walkers arrive en masse (Iron Man is in there – look for the tall blue hat)

Pasta never sounded so good

The End


So the last day is the day that is currently in my mind.

The evening prior (Saturday evening that is) it started raining. Relatively hard.
Not a thunderstorm hard, but an, “I’m going to rain for a while, and you will get wet if you walk in it,” hard.
So we retired to our tent about 8:30 PM, hoping it would be dry in the morning.
I slept pretty well, but woke up around 2:15 – not knowing what time it was.
It was not time to get up (3:45), so back to sleep.

The next time I woke up it was to heavy rain and loud words.
The first voices were from inside the medical tent, next to ours.
I couldn’t figure out why they were talking so loudly.
Next was the man yelling for somebody to call SOMEBODY.
And then there was the hard rain and loud truck like noise that alternated.

Finally we heard enough to realize the irrigation system in the field on which 2000 plus people were camped, had started to water the grass at 3 AM!

Our tent was at the end of the field where the first irrigation zone was located.
The medical folks were speaking loudly because there were spigots inside their tent, and the medical supplies and paperwork were being drenched.
The man was yelling because he  was directly adjacent to a spigot, and it was irrigating the interior of his and a few other tents. (We were one tent away from interior irrigation.)
He was also standing on top of the offending spigot, so it would not continue to get the rest of his stuff and others wet.

Tables turned upside down on the sprinklers eventually sort of controlled the flow.
Medical moved into a corner of the dining tent.
Crew members were mobilized to warn other walkers still sleeping, before the irrigation zones in their areas kicked on.

And breakfast was served earlier than expected.

And it started to rain, hard, again.
Most of the walkers waited to board buses to Seattle, in a line that wound all the way around the dining tent, out of the rain. As they left they could see tents scattered all over the place (any place that was not near an irrigation point).

The use of buses allows the route to go through interesting areas, and still end after 60 miles, where they want it to end.

Carl served breakfast from 4:30 to 8 AM.
I served for a while, and then moved luggage, took down the tent, loaded everything on to the appropriate truck, and then reported back to closing camp duties.

Closing camp duties for most of us crew folks includes picking up trash and detritus. The goal is to leave the site cleaner than when we arrived. That means feathers, string, bits and pieces, sequins, tarps, t-shirts, and discarded anything is picked up and placed in a trash bag. I don’t know how many bits I picked up, but it went on for hours. It is a big camp, and the cleanup was for the entire camp that housed about 2500 people. And in reality, I think the campers were pretty good about policing their area.

Carl had a massage yesterday, and I have one scheduled for tomorrow.
So – that is it for the time being.
Maybe tomorrow I will be able to post about my work and traffic. Much more interesting.

And be warned – we may just BOTH try to walk the walk next year.
Anybody want to join us?

One Response to “Cloudy with a chance of Sprinklers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Rain, bah. But otherwise it sounds like a wonderful experience! I wish lung cancer had a walk; I would do it!!

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