Ironman – updated

ironman works the crowd

Sung to the tune of Iron Man, by Ozzy Osborn
Typed on a smart phone, and the first run was pretty rough.

I am Ironman (or maybe I’m the Iron Chef – either way this food is delicious and iron rich)

Now the time is here
for Iron man to spread cheer
go on in and have some food
and most of it is pretty good

He once served some meals
to energize the walkers on their way
helping them to finish
the breast cancer 3- day

Everyone loves him
he just stands at the table
helping the walkers make it
60 miles if they’re able

Many spoonfuls of chow
Fills the walkers up with eats
Then they get some sleep
Up at dawn and on their feets

We work to find the cure
By pushing our footsies all those miles
And when the cure is found
Just imagine all the smiles.

One Response to “Ironman – updated”

  1. Margaret Says:

    60 miles is a LONG way. Best of luck!! There isn’t as much attention for the monster killer of lung cancer, but we did do the Relay for Life. But it wasn’t that far. I’m impressed!!

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