Memories – not quite correct

OK – I am on vacation, and I have not been posting regularly.
I could blame the lack of internet access at this remote outpost, but that would be a lie.
It is really more due to lack of energy. I never get sick – at least not when I am in my normal work life. And to tell the truth, we had been on vacation for more than a week before I decided to really relax. That was after the driving from here to there, and schedules, and things to do had been done.

I think the problem was that I did not have any structured plans once I got to my place of relaxation, so those little bugs that just kind of hang around on the periphery decided this was their chance.

Nothing bad. Took a mile or so walk a few days ago, and then basically slept the rest of the day. Aches and pains, no stomach upset. The next day was a bit better, although it only had a short walk (Doelle’s) at the end of the day. Today is “better”, but really it has just moved to the next stage, which in my case involves post nasal drip (there was no pre-nasal drip to go with this) and coughing. I signed my life away to get my favorite dry-em-up drugs [I don’t do meth] and hope to go for a hike tomorrow.

So there has not been a lot to report on recently, and I still don’t have the correct frame of mind to reconstruct our days of travel in the oppressive heat. (Maybe I just don’t want to relive that part.)

However, I had started writing a bit earlier about a strange occurence, and reoccurrence while we were in St. Louis.

When we were visiting Pooh and Mark’s fine abode, I merged its floor plan with Carl’s parent’s old house in Wilmette, Illinois. Every time I went to go to the stairs to the second floor I headed in the wrong direction. Every time. And we were staying on the second floor, so I had ample opportunity to go to the stairs. Not just the first day – but all the way through the 2 days we spent in their company.

I would get up from the dining table, the kitchen, the living room, etc, and head toward the front door, from which point the stairs should ascend. There was a side table, closet and entrance to the computer room at this location. Realizing my mistake at this point, I would circle back through the living room and dining room to the correct location off of the dining room.

When starting at either the kitchen or dining table, I would basically walk past the correct entrance to the stairs to get to my incorrect location.

Pooh was sure if I just walked into the closet by the front door, just once, that I would cure my little issue with directions.

I have been to this house before, less than 10 years ago. And Carl’s parents moved to Colorado, probably more than 10 years ago. Who can tell why my brain works the way it does.


Up by 7:30, without prodding.
Breakfast and coffee.
Walk the beach.
Futz around. (Carl & Pooh both did some sweeping chores)
Went to Penny’s Kitchen for Monday lunch. [REY – a shout-out from Barbara Mullin. She says she misses you and wishes you were here.] Also got to catch up with Daschie (sp?) Piedmont-Colbert (not sure what she uses as a name, but her husband, Charles Colbert just published a book titled, “Haunted Visions, Spiritualism and American Art“, and Betty Piedmont. (When I had just given birth to Rey, Betty’s youngest had just given birth as well – and that baby just got married! Are they old enough?!?)

And now it is time to go spend a bit of time in the sun, in case the predicted thunderstorm comes to pass.

One Response to “Memories – not quite correct”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you are better! 7:30 is early to get up when you’re on vacation. I don’t like oppressive heat. We had a huge thunderstorm this AM in good old WA.

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