Home at last

Short post – many things have happened since the last time I blogged, which I think was 3 days ago.

I am sitting on the new front porch of the old cabin – on the internet.
Thank you KW & GG!

There are two freighters out on the lake in the waning sunset, both west of Round Island.
One is a salty that has apparently been there for a few days, most likely waiting for a pilot. The other is a lake freighter, loaded and downbound.

I would post a picture or two I took from the beach, but the cell phone is roaming, and thinks we are in Canada. I don’t know what it would cost, and want to limit the damage, so I have turned it to “Airplane” mode. Hopefully that will provide some $$ protection until I figure out from those that know – what my options are. One is just turning it off completely.

There is our last day in Tennessee to discuss.
And there are the travel days to report on – Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and of course Michigan. But I am a bit too tired right now, and am leaning toward sleep.

Suffice it to say – it is always great to be back at the cabin.
Friends and relatives, and quiet – and of course, the lake.

Yes, we have been swimming. And for Lake Superior, it was rather easy to get in, and under. Temperatures in the 80’s here (during the heat of the day).
But that is 20 degrees cooler than yesterday – and we are not complaining.

My only wish is that more were here to share this with us.
And Happy Birthday Mark. I thought about you as we were eating Aimee’s cake.
Your car is running beautifully, and we will clean the windshield when we get gas.

One Response to “Home at last”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds idyllic!! Roaming charges are stiff; Alison is in Bellingham and sometimes we get notices from Verizon about $2.20 roaming charges, which FREAK ME OUT.

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