Beach Day – more than yesterday

So yesterday there was a hike to Betty’s Cove, on the northern shore of Gitchee Gumee (in Canada). But I missed it due to lack of sleep and too many cold symptoms.

What I did do was read. I finished “Dooms Day Book” by Connie Willis. My son lent me the book, and I will leave it in A2 so he can get it back the next time he is there. It was a good read. [Rey – I was sure that Father Roche was somebody from the future. At first I was sure it was Dunworthy, but that did not work, so just somebody. In the end I was wrong.]

This morning we got up a bit late. Pooh rode to the Point Iroquois lighthouse, and we followed later in the car.

Iroquois Point Lighthouse

After a bit of walking around the point we adjourned first to the Dancing Crane, and then to the Cozy Inn for a whitefish lunch.

On the Boardwalk


Apparently the lunch was more than some usually eat for lunch.

Just Resting Our Eyes

Carl & I took a beach walk. It was very smooth water, and the water was out – leaving some areas where the water could move in very shallow waves over the sand.

small waves from three directions

The blackish stuff is sawdust and vegetation.

This is what three-way waves create

It helps define the ripples in the sand.

little sand pockets

A day or so ago there was a big blow, and there were at least 5 dead seagulls, a dead Canada goose, and a dead fish (or shoe) on the beach. Lots of live gulls too, and some mergansers.

I have also started another book, The Map that Changed the World, by Simon Winchester. I need to finish it before returning, as it was borrowed from St. Louis.

2 Responses to “Beach Day – more than yesterday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad you got out and are feeling better! Your reads sound intriguing. I will check them out on amazon. 🙂

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Jay is alive and well (but sounds awful) sitting next to me on our deck!

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