It’s the 4th!

The weekend is over, except that it is not.

That’s a bonus, except that I really need to put in some work time today. People have been giving me the disapproving look when I say that. But I need to get stuff done, and there is nothing else scheduled today, except of course the fireworks. And before that, maybe a soccer game on the computer.

Yesterday was our day of activities.
Carl hit baseballs, then Carl watched baseball, the we went to a screening in the Paramount of West Side Story. (It is still a great movie, even if some of the lines sound a bit dated. The ending is powerful, and powerfully done.)  The Paramount is a big theatre, usually used for live acts and off-Broadway shows. We saw the Lion King there.

The we retired to a friend’s house for a follow-up to Carl’s birthday that includes showing movies in the backyard. Yesterday’s fare included Cities – Chicago by Studs Terkel, and an episode of the Bob Hope Show sponsored by Chevrolet. And the guest stars were Diana Dors (the British Marilyn Monroe, sort of), Don Larson (2 days after he threw the perfect game in the World Series), Jimmy Cagney, everybody from I Love Lucy (Lucy, Desi, Ethyl & Fred), the Chevrolet Deb-Stars.

We are flying the colors today, for the first time since we have lived in this house.
We don’t have a flagpole mount, but a couple of zip-ties and there she flies.

Happy 4th!
(And yes, it is still garbage day.)

One Response to “It’s the 4th!”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Funny, when I looked at Carl’s profile in the birthday wig, it reminded me of Bob Hope. Sorry, Carl.

    aka the evil sister

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