A Day Late

Well – yesterday was Carl’s birthday.
It started like many days. Carl working to get me ready to go to work.
Including a latte. (Of course that meant that he got one too, but he had to do the work.)

I was feeling a bit bad for not trying to make it more special, but have been focused on my own needs. I have to get way to much stuff done in the next two weeks, and a holiday weekend that includes birthdays, baseball and almost anniversaries was just being a bit too much.

So what did I do to prepare?
Bought a phone that I don’t know how to drive, and now also don’t have the time to learn about. Doing the simple things seems to take a long time, and it keeps asking me questions.

Off to work – taking the bus. No carpoolers around, and I did not want to have two cars at the Mariners game tonight (or have to drive in rush hour pre-game traffic, and then park). Carl gave me a ride to the bus stop. (He’s so nice.)

I arrive at work – no closer to having a special birthday idea – other than being enthusiastic, and running whatever errands he might want at the ball game.

And then a cake arrived! Actually, a co-worker arrived and told me she had baked a cake to celebrate the holiday – to share with co-workers. I immediately thought – I should take a piece to Carl.
I looked at the cake – a bundt style white cake – with a red-white-blue frosting and interior. So I asked if I could buy the whole cake from her, and told her why. She gave it to me – so now I am totally in her debt. I found a box and grabbed some napkins.

The bus ride after work was more fun, balancing the box while carrying an overful backpack. I tried to read a book too, but it was more important to keep the cake level and safe. I managed to get it to the game, and stored it under my seat.

At the end of the second inning I pulled it out, and started cutting. (I had waited until the sun left our seats.) As our friends started singing Happy Birthday to Carl, several others in the area chimed in. So I doled out the cake to our friends and those in close proximity, until it was gone. [There was a bachelorette party group a little behind us (from Canada – Happy Dominion Day), but I am not sure any pieces made it back that far.] The mood was festive – Mariners were already ahead.

What was really helpful was that we were playing the San Diego Padres, and the numbers in the crowd cheering for the Padres was significantly less than the numbers that cheered for Atlanta, and while I do not mind folks cheering for their team, it was just a fun atmosphere. The team continued to play well, and the Mariners WON.

It was also 80’s Night. Throwback uniforms to 1984. That happened to be the year we moved to Seattle, and started attending games. Carl wore an 1980’s M’s jersey, that fit him in 1984. If this were Milwaukee it would have worked well as a sausage costume. And then there was the rainbow wig, although we did not have the John 3:16 sign. Apparently if Carl wants to get on the TV broadcast, all he has to do is don a wig. Somewhere in the 5th inning (I think) both Carl and Jimmy Wright’s telephones started to ring, from folks that saw them on the broadcast. Jimmy was attired as a Miami Vice character.

80's throwback birthday


Really, the picture was taken just trying to figure out how to use the phone camera. So the staging is what it is. If I could figure out how to get to the broadcasts of the game, I would get a screen shot. As it is you will have to make do with this. (Jimmy is in the background, behind the vendor, but you can not see his natty attire.)

So – all in all it was a fun night. A good celebration, and in the end we did not end up with more “stuff” for our house. Well there were some new baseball cards that were gifted to Carl, but I guess they won’t cave in the ceiling. ….. Or will they.

5 Responses to “A Day Late”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are such a creative thinker! I would have been doing a lot of hand wringing. Ms are doing decently right now. Especially the pitching.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Carl! How many wigs do you have????

  3. kayak woman Says:

    What kind of phone?

  4. regenaxe Says:

    Happy Birthday Carl!

  5. Jay Says:

    Answers: At least five, and an unknown number of animal ear headbands. (In the fine tradition of Joe Pepitone.) Incredible 2 Android. And thank you.

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