Red Robin and Crushed Hummingbird

We just added a walk to our 4th itinerary.

A few errands, and a stop at a local Red Robin to share a salad. (Energy for the 3 mile return)

This walk is marked by long uphills and then long downhills. Going the uphill is longer, but steadier. Coming back it starts steeply, and lasts a while, but then you get the long downhill.

On the way back Carl stopped to figure out a blot on the road.
At first he thought it was a dead baby bird.
Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a full grown hummingbird.
Green tail feathers, but no, I did not take a picture.

At NE 100th we started counting American Flags, and bikinis.
Final tally at NE 56th.

1 bikini (on a 12 year old or younger)

26 flags.
3 were on schools.
6 were the small plastic variety.
1 was ours.

It is sunny, and I am in shorts and a tank top.
When we left it was just under 70 degrees. Now it is showing 80 degrees.
Time for water.

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