It has been quite a week for us.
The house (interior) shows the impact of a week of coming in, off-loading, sleeping and on to the next thing. Note that picking up was not in the list.

Today was going to be pick-up day. Our architect-friend-neighbor was going to come over and discuss some ideas for the house. But it turns out that FEMA has requested his presence in Mississippi to assist in ideas for putting the pieces back together again. So his visit will wait a week. Today should still be pick-up day, but not with the same haste attached to it.

Now for highlights from the past week.

Wednesday – Debut of the Ichiro’s Bleacheros. (See previous post for that story.) It kind of took on a life of its own for a day.

Thursday – We ditched the Mariners for the Seattle Art Museum and Nick Cave’s March to the Center of the Earth. [Getting Ready]

Our part of the procession included costumed folks = Carl, Jay, Jet, Lillian, Eve, Angela and Sue (Angela’s Mom). Non-costumed are Ashlan and Lillian & Eve’s parents. (Look after about 1:45 in the vide0 )

Friday – Back to the Mariners. This game was well attended (Friday + Ichiro Bobblehead). A close game, and the Mariner’s won with a walk-off single. The more exciting play was a run-down on a fielder’s choice in the 8th inning, which really kept the game close (tied at the time). I had almost bagged out of this game because I was tired from the previous days’ activities. However, the threat of sleeping in this morning gave me the added lift to keep going.

And so the weekend is underway.
No Mariners tonight – Carl has a game himself.
Tomorrow – Plans for Mariners, soccer and … Mother’s Day.
I think my present will be that Ashlan is at the soccer game, and I get to rest a bit.

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