A tale of two weathers

As weekends go there is usually a bit here and a bit there, utilizing both days – and sometimes Friday evening.

This weekend was all packed into Saturday.
Yesterday was really two days. Sunny morning and afternoon. Rainy evening.

Ashlan & I played soccer in the late morning. Actually hot (70 degrees maybe).
And we managed to not bring sunscreen. You would understand this if you had been in Seattle this winter spring.
We won, I pulled a glut, but Ashlan played really well.

Carl had a late afternoon baseball game. He took off his cast and pitched three innings.
He is trying to figure out what damage this may have done. (He did have doctor’s clearance to try.)
They lost, but it was good for him to get back in the game.

The start of the evening was all about the Seattle Sounders (soccer).
They were playing the Portland Timbers here in Seattle.
Portland and Seattle have a rivalry in soccer going back many years.
Now it has moved to the Major League level, with this being Portland’s first year in the league.

Carl & I went to the game, and once again got to sit in front of the front row, in empty handicapped seats.
Of course, Carl did have his cast back on, so it looked like we even belonged there.
Ashlan and her three friends down from Canada watched the game at the Rat & Raven.
(It was the ESPN game so it was not viewable at our domicile.)
The biggest difference between the two viewing differences was … level of dampness. (This is an understatement)

There were obviously many differences.
Proximity to the action, the live atmosphere, seeing it all instead of what is shown by the camera.

Ashlan and her friends walked the five blocks from home to the bar.
It was raining, so they got a bit damp.
Carl & I spent about two hours in the open.
And it POURED.
Not in waves.
At one point the drops got noticeably larger.

Luckily it was not all that cold. Mid-50s.
So we were just wet, completely.
We had our ponchos, but in the end we were sitting.
The rain would run down the back of my poncho to the seat – which then got wet.
You could wring out the scarves and get puddles (on top of the puddles already there).

When we got to the car we took off the wet outer layer, at least what we could without getting arrested.
When we got home we took the wet outer layer and the wet under layers to the basement, took off the rest and draped anything that would accept and survive wet clothing.

We had a good time, despite the rain.
Sounders and Timbers tied 1-1.
We felt the Sounders controlled the first half, but the Timbers controlled the second.

Comic relief for the evening took place on the walk from the stadium to the car.
There is an event center attached to the stadium and there was an event in progress (or getting ready to start).
A rather large crowd of high school or college aged kids were gathered outside of the location.
It appeared to be in progress, but I am assuming the crowd outside was expecting to get in.

The attire was the comical part.
Girls in outfits that included a limited amount of coverage.
Very short skirts (and in one case bikini (or less) underwear, with garter and stockings) and low cut glitzy tops, frequently with cropped tops.
Oh, and several with bunny ears.
Boys in baggy jeans and t-shirts.
Now there were some boys that had “outfits” as well, but just not too many – and ALL of the girls did.

So I had to know what they were there to attend.
Beyond Wonderland Seattle
A USC Event. (USC? Certainly not the college)
In checking the web-page for the event, it indicates you had to be 18 to attend.
Maybe that was why there were so many outside.
It links itself to Alice in Wonderland – which sort of explains the bunny ears, and the top hats.

I am not sure why the lack of clothing was necessary, but I checked their facebook link and one post said,
“I must have missed the memo about underwear now counting as clothing. Lol”
And none of them were wearing ponchos.

Today has dawned, it is still raining and, after a breakfast conversation and noshing, the kids have departed for Canada once again. The house is quieter, and the newspaper is calling my name.

One Response to “A tale of two weathers”

  1. gene Says:

    I know I’m a little late with this comment but in re the sunscreen, a dermatologist told me to use sunscreen April through October and use it sunny or not, the rays can get through.

    Love, Mom

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