Ichiros Bleacheros – UPDATE

Ashlan’s 2010 Birthday present to Carl just keeps on giving,

Peggy Sue-Carl, Marilyn-Dan, Inga-Mark & Kevin the Witch

And giving – check out this somewhat more professional blog. By a real writer no less.

 The game started with a shot on the big screen (so we were told), then a notice on the TV broadcast (screen shot a friend sent to Ashlan – above), then Angie from Root Sports showed up and interviewed Carl, in full wig.

Of course, we did not see any of the on-air stuff, so don’t really know how it played. But when we got back home there was an e-mail from one of Carl’s baseball teammates who recognized Carl Peggy-Sue under all that hair.

3 Responses to “Ichiros Bleacheros – UPDATE

  1. Dave Brown Says:

    Hello to the captain of Ichiro’s Bleacheros! This is Dave Brown from Big League Stew, the baseball blog at Yahoo! Sports. I watched parts of the M’s game, saw the interview you guys did with Angie Mentink and I’m writing about Ichiro’s Bleacheros because it’s the best idea ever. OK, no worse than the ninth or 10th best idea ever. Hilarious. Or maybe she-larious. Anyway, I wanted to get last names to identify all of the members of the group (an old journalism thing to get names). It’s no big deal if you’d rather not be identified. But what are you hiding, then? I kid!

    Other questions: Did Ichiro acknowledge you guys at any point? Wave of the glove? Curse at you in Japanese (or English?) Do you think the whole section is going to want wigs now? Will this be a new everyday thing? Do you think the usually entertaining and creative Mariners TV commercials somehow inspired you? You know they’ll want to recruit you for new ads, right? OK, now I’m stretching. Maybe. Anyway, you have my email. Get back ASAP, please! -DB

  2. Dave Brown Says:

    One more question (reporters!). Is it right that you guys debuted last night? That was my impression, not quite hearing that part of the interview. Why did you wait nearly a year to do so? You mean you don’t usually walk around with a blond Peggy Sue wig?

  3. regenaxe Says:

    And “girls” just wanna have fun…

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