Happy Birthday – UPDATED

It is a day for tutus. But we didn’t think of that far enough in advance to procure one for the birthday girl.

Later today – well let’s just say we have a trip to the phone store planned. (Our first present is allowing her to sleep in.) More later.

Later – Phone store – done.
We are Ashlan is now the proud owner of a Droid.
She is playing around with it as we all chill for a few minutes.
Next step on the Birthday tour is to go out to dinner.

Nobody really wants to cook tonight, all are a bit tired.

Beautiful day today. Sunny, and essentially warm.
If you were out working in the yard it was hot.
If you were just hanging about, you would want a sweater.

Carl & I took the work in the yard to heart.
After all, it is supposed to start raining again tomorrow, so the opportunity must be grabbed.
I started weeding, but ended up mowing. (Actually, I went out to mow, but started by picking up blue spruce cones, digging out a few mushrooms, and then a few dandelions. And then I started to attack dandelion row along the border of the lawn. Then Carl arrived home.

I know myself well enough to know I was not going to have the fortitude to really weed, plus mow, so I asked him to mow. Well – he weeded, I mowed. I think in the end he did alot more work. (But then, I had to go buy a phone.)

While we were working a crow joined us. First he was sitting on a fir branch, pecking at the bark. I noticed that the bark was looking a little ragged, and in some places fairly bare. I think this crow has decided our fir tree is a good source of nesting material. I stopped to watch him, and he watched me back. He moved to the blue spruce after a bit, and I went back to mowing. He continued to watch and talk about us at length. I started to wonder if I should get a helmet, but he never made a move to dive at either of us.

Eventually I moved to the front yard.
And so did the crow.
He was sitting on a wire talking at me.
Again I wondered whether I should be worried at all.
I actually thought, “What else could he do but dive-bomb me?”
And the answer – POOP – appeared in my brain.
I hesitated, looked up at him, and he let loose.

If I had not paused I think I would have been right in his target zone.

Time to pick a restaurant, and go get some food.

One Response to “Happy Birthday – UPDATED

  1. jane Says:

    I would have picked that Indian restaurant at the end of the street. but that’s just me – no driving needed!

    ASHLAN — Happy Birthday (a day late)!!!! woo hooo!

    and speaking of mushrooms in the yard – I had morels over at a friends house last night – they’ve grown in her backyard the last couple years — must have been hiding in the dirt the yard people delivered – a special spring in Michigan treat.

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