A weekend of four events:

1.  Practice a little bit of little soccer with one of Carl’s kids. She has a good kick, can run fast, and has new pink cleats. So it was fun, as long as she wanted to be involved. After a bit the game became chosing who was on which team, rather than the team play itself. I see her as a manager in the future.

2.  Seattle Sounders: These games are a real hoot to attend. But, since Ashlan was in town, she and her friend went. They were treated to a WIN (first of the season), and two goals for the good guys right in front of them. Also some exceptional goalie saves by Kasey Keller, the Sounder’s goalie. This is Kasey’s last year, but he is playing really well, and could likely go on longer if he wanted. Sounders win 2-1.

3.  Kindergarten age – 1st game: Went to watch Saturday’s practice child play on Sunday. She chose not to demonstrate the skills that she does possess for the most part. Little running. When she did kick the stationary ball you could see the skill is there. Overheard her asking the coach/ref, while play was continuing, “Why did they ….” I suggested an essay after the game might be the way to go. Existential Soccer.

4. The future game that I must play this evening. I believe the women will be short staffed once again. And it will probably be raining. And cold. I love soccer. I love playing soccer. But I want to be warm and light on my feet. Just not feeling it right now.

Off to baseball. It is,after all, the Mariner’s opening weekend.

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