A Brief Update from East Tennessee

The Tennessee Smokies season has begun.
Rey is in the midst of the first homestand, and still holding up, but needing his sleep.

From what I gathered, the season started on Wednesday and it has been 10-11:30 PM homecoming, with the next work day starting at 9 AM. Today was an early ending day – but only because the game was rained out. So tomorrow is a double header. He starts tomorrow at 9 AM, but on Sunday he gets to delay arrival until 11 AM.

Being the good mother I asked him if he was eating OK. He allowed that his normal lunch fare (balanced) was being maintained, for the most part. And something that I didn’t know is that they bring up the pre-game meal to the workers as well. He said that yesterday was “Mystery Mexican”. They (the upstairs crew) could not tell what it was, so he took a pill (lactaid) because he couldn’t tell whether it included cheese as an ingrediant. He is still not sure if he needed the pill.

And the storms that tore through Oklahoma and Arkansas are on their way. I think the main body was heading further south, but it sounds like it will be a stormy night. Obviously the rain was already there – the game was rained out. I noted that he could not control the weather, and he told me that he could – but chose not to.

And, as with most minor league teams – everybody helps with the tarp. Whenever it rains they pull the tarp. Everybody. They all have tarp clothes and tarp shoes because the wet soil in the infield stains  everything a muddy red color. And it does not wash out. He showed me their newest piece of official Smokie staff clothing tonight (via SKYPE).

If Im Running, You Better Take Cover

See Mom, Skype is a good thing.

2 Responses to “A Brief Update from East Tennessee”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Yes, skype is a good thing although we tend more often to use text messages. Freezing rain here in the Yooperland this AM. Car windows icy but roads just wet. In town, at least.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    I have a T-shirt that’s dyed with clay. It was purchased in a gift shop at Big South Fork, which is near the KY/TN border. Coincidence? I think not.

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