New Season

Well the Mariner home opener was last night.

It was a great time. That is until the 4th inning – which lasted about 4 hours.
If you take away the 10 runs (yes, a touchdown and a field goal) scored in that one half inning, the Mariners won 3-2.

But before the game, Carl was at the game with Jet – and I got to the game with Jim, John and Kaelie (sp?). Kaelie is John’s 5-year old daughter. Because I was new and different, and interested in her, she actually pretty much listened to me. Held hands walking (we bused and walked), sat next to me at batting practice, and walked away with 2 baseballs bulging in her pocket. (I am not sure exactly what happened with Carl and Jet, they left as I arrived)

Then a tribute to Dave Neihaus, the Mariners announcer – from the beginning, until he passed away in the off-season.

Lots of people we don’t see during the off-season. 
A few that we do see regularly.

Blinding Beard and Cross-Eyed Poet


And some that we never see except at the park.

All-in-all, still a good time.

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