New-Fangled things

Guess who?


It’s an AIR cast.
It has bunches of pieces that fit together. Then after you are securly strapped and padded in – you get out the puffer device, and fill the air bladders with ………. air.

A bit of the tendonitis, on some big foot tendon.

And in the NCAA, we are watching the end of Michigan State. (Most of it we did not see – cable)
I will post the bracket update after the end of round one (can’t you just feel the tension).

2 Responses to “New-Fangled things”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Ouch! Will Carl be able to run around after his charges, or will it be a “let’s color” day? Actually, there are more fun things than coloring. Buy some marzipan paste and food coloring and you can make flowers or….. dinosaur eggs were the favorite item in our household.


  2. jay Says:

    He doesn’t “run” but he does still walk quite a bit. It’s the getting out of the car that takes a long time. Needing to re-strap, buckle and puff.

    I may pass along the marzipan idea – don’t think he has done that.

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