Rain = Seattle = Rain.

That is the reputation, and this month/winter/spring has been one of the reasons for the reputation.

Today was the opening day of the MLS (Major League Soccer) Season.
It started in Seattle. Sounders vs. LA Galaxy.
We had tickets – and we went.

I don’t actually think it rained as hard as it did last year on opening day.

But it did rain. The entire game. Sometimes harder, sometimes not quite as hard.  We got wet. Not soaked – too many layers and not enough time for the  water to penetrate all the way through.

Afterwards we decided to go to the Space Needle. They do a picture of visitors there and we thought it would be fun in all of our wet rave green attire. We got to the ticket window at 9:27. It closes at 9:30 (the ticket window, not the needle). BUT there was nobody there! We were just a bit put out – and locked out to boot. You could see people in the gift store, but nobody would open the door.

So we went home and hung lots of clothes in the bathroom to dry.

[The Sounders lost 0-1. A very fast paced game. Entertaining, chances on both ends. The Galaxy was a bit faster, and had one rocket shot that got past Keller. But we enjoyed it – rain and all.]

One Response to “WET!”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Dave apparently has become a DC United fan. I say this b/c he sent an email saying, “if you get 4 DC United glasses pls forward to my apartment”.

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