Friday Night Sights

I work evenings on occasion. Usually events with people coming together.
But not usually on Fridays. The office does not schedule public events on Fridays, because people want to go out and have fun.

Except occasionally the work staff’s events where people are going to have fun.
Such was a night last night.
Three of us stayed late, and drove into the driving rain to reach the venue.
(A new church – that does not look much like a church from the inside.)

There was mingling from 5-7, followed by the main program – the SAMMI‘s.
This is one of the local community’s opportunity to take note of local do-gooders.
We were sponsoring the Environmental award.

So I dutifully staffed a table and gave away water conservation devices and temporary tattoos. The most popular give-away was our shower timer. It is waterproof, but we suggest to parents of teens that they place it in a location where you have to get out of the shower to silence the beeping. It will not stop beeping until the stop button is pushed or the batteries run out.

I saw a brief bit of the ceremonies while I was cleaning up the booth.
Our primary person was presenting the award, and I am sure she saw the entire show. (And then had to load the cleaned up stuff back into her car.)

While I was working, Carl was keeping tabs on the March Madness.
Our updated family bracket is provided below. You can see how we are each doing by looking at the colors (or clicking and making it a bit larger, then zooming in on your computer).

Ashlan is yellow, Rey is purple, Carl is green and Jay is blue.
We each have 7 teams left out of the 32, except Rey – who has 11.
At this point in the tournament the numbers are not that important.
What is more important is to not be all grouped in one bracket. If all teams are in one quadrant, the most you can have at the end is one. The goal is to have as many of the final four as possible.

Round 1 is done

Just heard from Rey, and will be Skyping soon. Always fun to talk with the kids.

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