Swan Fields

Yesterday was SUNNY and WINDY!

We took a walk on the windy day. Blown hither and yon, but not into the drink as we skirted Green Lake. Playing later with a few of Carl’s tykes. It was the kind of day where you feel as though you had been skiing. Ruddy cheeks.

Today we took a drive. North and back.
Sunny again, and not so windy.
Ashlan, two friends and Jay.
In three different places, 2 in the US and 1 in Canada, there were large flocks of swans.

Sitting, flying, generally hanging about.
I am thinking that they may be mid-migration, or perhaps they have arrived.

Border waits – 10 minutes northbound, and a rather abrupt border guard.
20 minutes southbound (really about 15, but the sign said 20). A nice guard who said, “Welcome Home”

Traffic was busy, but not too busy – except in a few places.
A basically uneventful trip, just like I like ’em.

One Response to “Swan Fields”

  1. Sam Says:

    I. Do. Not. Enjoy. Wind. (in the city; in the woods it doesn’t bother me so much)

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