Aggressive Peas

Up, off to work, work, home, cook dinner, eat, sleep, repeat. Try to find some time to play.

Such is the life of us 40 hour a week sloggers.
The off to work – work – home bit can vary a lot – and the “40-hour” week can become 50, 60, 100 hour weeks.
Then you try to cut out or slim down on the other bits.

The boy was trying to decide how to prepare a dinner dish the other day, and was leaning toward the faster, but possibly less satisfying option one night – because it was late when he got home.

I know many people that have solved this problem by use of a crock pot. One of those that can whip up a tasty day-long cook-fest is my car-pooler. He was telling me about a crock pot cook book that he enjoyed.

The first time he told me I only remembered the  “Slow Cooker” joke that went along with the present to his niece. (Remember, the name is not about you.)

Today I asked him for the title again. I heard “Aggressive Peas for the Slow Cooker.” When I repeated what I heard he busted out laughing. (Correct title = the title Recipes for the Slow Cooker.

So now I have to consider my choices.

3 Responses to “Aggressive Peas”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I love the aggressive peas title. Kinda like carnivorous testicles… I have always been nervous about slow cookers though. I just don’t like the idea of leaving an electrical appliance like that on when I am out of the house all day. Probably being overly cautious.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Aux armes, mon petit pois! Marchons, marchons a la Victoire!

  3. regenaxe Says:

    My gracious husband has allowed me to post a link to a video that previously appeared on his blog, is the link to Annie Nieman’s video, “The Tomatoes of Wrath”.

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