I have a job – for 23 years now.
I really do like my job.
I can’t quite imagine moving to another job, at least not right now.

Jobs that have paychecks result in taxes to be paid.
I have no problem with that particular theory.

I do know that it took me FAR TOO LONG to get our taxes done this year.
Self employment and a car that disappeared from our life halfway through the year. Who would have thought it would be such a problem for me to follow all of those helpful little directions.
I did get through the education deduction bit with little delay. I guess after 6 years of kids in school I figured it out. Of course the last is almost out. (of school that is)

I also know a lot of people that are not working.
I am not complaining. I just spent many more hours staring at a computer screen and papers than I needed to. And what the heck is MACR depreciation?

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