I was listening to the radio driving in to work this morning.
A DJ asked what people did to celebrate President’s Day.
I guess we don’t have any traditions here. I remember when there were both Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays to celebrate, and figuring out at some point that the calendar changed after Washington was born, so what was the “real date” of his birth.

I celebrated today by going to work. I am a government employee, but my wonderful employer has designated four of the holidays as “floaters”. You can choose to take them off as holidays, or you can save them to take at a later date – but it has to be in the same calendar year. Initially most people focused on the week between Christmas and New Years Day. Some still do, but it is really all over the board.

I did come home in a bit of a celebratory mood because

  • Traffic was very light going to work this morning.
  • I had a total of 2 phone calls at work today – both from my hubby.
  • Traffic was very light coming home this evening. Basically no traffic (second work day in a row).

Tonight we are going to eat dinner and then do some more house measuring.
It is really time to get it done and off of the to-do list. It needs to be to-done.
I know this because the architect we are working with e-mailed me and offered to do it himself.

Dinner’s cooking and I’ve got to run.

How did you celebrate?

2 Responses to “quiet HOLIDAY”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Holiday? Shoveled, what else? 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    no holiday for me. I drove to work – light traffic since schools were closed and lots of snow. worked. drove home. god my life is boring!

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