This and That

Calculators, arms and movies.

I discovered the calculator on my computer at work this morning.
I was looking at the keyboard. It is new (to me) and has lots of keys that I am not familiar with, or have used. One located over the 10-key pad had a funny looking icon. So I pressed it. And presto, a calculator appeared on the screen. Now that I look at the icon, it is a calculator. Playing around a bit with it, it has all manners of calculators. Scientific, translating, regular, etc. This is interesting because I have two calculators at work. One, a relatively cheap casio type thing, I can not find currently. I am sure it will turn up. The other, a reverse polish HP model from many years ago, was given to my by my mother-in-law several years ago. This has become my go-to work horse. Of course, being able to find it is a big bonus.  But I tend to get partway through a calculation and forget the language I am calculating in. I go forward instead of in reverse, and it all comes out Greek. Now I find I have an alternative – could be helpful.

And in the personal betterment section, Carl & I have decided I should do a workout that pays attention to something other than my legs. The most obvious choice was my arms. So Carl has been pointing me in the direction of some exercises he does on our in-house exercise machine. After the first day, in which we just experimented with exactly how weak my arms were, I felt pretty good today. So I did it again, with a little more gusto. I intend to take it slow enough that I keep working on it – at least a few days each week.

To relax after the workout, we settled down to watch Brewster McCloud.
It is an old movie, but not one I have ever seen. I am sure I will watch it again.
The wicked witch lives! Except she dies. And I really think her singing voice is much like mine.

And, at a bit past nine, the movie ended and I wandered into another room, and saw

First snowfall of 2011

In the other direction

Most shovel the walk. Carl clears the yard.

All pictures taken with no flash.

7-foot tall snowman. Still snowing (check the grass coverage from earlier picture)

One Response to “This and That”

  1. jane Says:

    RPN!!!! I never learned to use one of those, so if I was with certain Financial geeks at work, I could never borrow their calculator in a mtg.

    But I’m in a different job now and never use a calculator. just Excel.

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