Let’s take a walk … or not

Today has been an at home kind of day.

I have plans to go through 25+ years of medical paperwork to thin the pile down to what is really necessary. I think I may try to compile a list of major events in each of our lives as well – with dates. I don’t know how many times I get asked questions and feel lucky if I can get within 5 years of when something happened.

I went to urgent care once, with an urgent issue. When they told me I had been there once before for the same complaint, I told them, “no – I had not.” It was only when they said a doctor’s name that I recognized that I believed.

The morning started with the paper, and much got wasted spent with a crossword. I did not come close to finishing. Then Carl got us started by suggesting a walk, approximately 6-miles. I agreed, but thought we should get the tree out of the house first (pick-up tomorrow). As that was coming down he suggested I get the recycle out, which I did. Finally had all of the trash, recycle, compost into their containers for pickup, and we started to walk. Got two blocks (to the mailbox) and it started raining. Cold rain. With 5-3/4 miles to go we decided there was enough to do at the house still, and returned home.


But the rain turned to a hard rain and then a wet snow.
I think we made the correct decision, although I am sure we could have completed it.
However, the last little thing done before starting the aborted walk was to make sure we had our bus passes along. Just in case we wanted to divert further along.

One Response to “Let’s take a walk … or not”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I would’ve bailed under those circumstances too. It’s okay to give yourself a pass sometimes. Sit home and read in front of the faaarrrr or whatever. Love. KW.

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