OK – so the title was a little dig at my beloved bro-in-law.
And it is not so much that he hates the Seahawks, or wishes them poorly, it is just that the Seahawks road to the playoffs went through the St. Louis Rams.
And the Seahawks were the first team to win their division with a losing record.
And they beat the Rams with a back-up quarterback – who has ties to GOD.

We started watching the playoff game today without a great deal of expectations. And a pan of nachos.
The nachos went quickly, and so did our expectations. The Seahawks were quickly down 10-0, including an interception.
But … strange things can happen, and in the end the Seahawks prevailed over the defending SuperBowl champions by a score of 36-41. WOO-HOO!!! It will be fun here over the next week.

In other news, we took a pre-game walk this morning. About 5 miles, although I haven’t check the mileage. The last time I set out on a 5-6 mile walk it ended up at 9-1/2 miles. Today we went with a much safer route, at least as far as the potential for unexpected length. The basic walk was to start at home, walk around Green Lake, and back home. This would be 5 miles. We decided to add in a little grocery stop, so diverted south after getting under the freeway – through a residential neighborhood and eventually intercepted the lake. Around about 1/2 of the lake, and then diverted for a mailbox, and eventually to the aforementioned grocery store (QFC in case you are following this ramble).

We could not find a pomegranate at the QFC, so we tried the small organic based grocery on our block – they had two. We brought one home and then stumbled on a little video on how to seed a pomegranate. It suggested banging and then rolling the pomegranate to break up the internal membranes before cutting into the fruit. Carl tried this technique, and indeed found that it made the seeds easier to extract.

Today has been relatively dry, but with threats of rain and snow in the offing. The snow is supposed to be minimal, but perhaps more in the last half of the coming week. Oh, joy. Time to start bringing work home with me again.

It did rain yesterday – hard in fact. When another worker was leaving just before me she was actually looking for her rain gear – just to get to her car. I realized I had an umbrella that Ashlan had suggested I keep. I had intended to leave it with the car, but it was still in my backpack. Now, despite living in Seattle for many years now, I do not usually use umbrellas. They are just another thing to hold on to. Since I had not used the umbrella before I tempted the fates and opened it indoors, so I could be sure to know how to close it quickly. [Otherwise the whole reason for using the umbrella would have been moot.] So I walked out the door and opened the umbrella. And as I walked it started to close around me. Apparently I needed to pay more attention to the whole opening bit. Got to and into the car relatively dry, and proceeded to slog through the deluge with all of the other commuters. My carpooler was at a hockey game, so I had to go it alone today.

And that about sums up my last two unbearably exciting day.

But I was reminded today of a happening as we waited to get through the border last weekend. We saw a coyote off the side of the road. It was checking out traffic and general surroundings, and eventually disappeared back beyond our view. I had initially thought it was a german shepard. It was quite large. Carl speculated that it might be a wolf-coyote hybrid, but I don’t know that there are wolves in close proximity to the urban border. That further raised the question of whether this sort of hybrid would be sterile. I really think it was just a large coyote, but still … I would not want to run into a colf or woyote, sterile or not.

2 Responses to “Seattle SEAHAWKS!”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Coyotes were a hot topic at my work the other day after one howled in front of the long-suffering, cat-herding person’s house, scaring the bejeebers out of him.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Hey, I’ll be rooting for the Seahawks, despite the fact that they beat the Rams. Go underdogs!


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