Tail gating

We had a tailgate party at work today.
For those that don’t pay attention, and don’t live near the left coast, the 7-9 8-9 Seattle Seahawks are still playing football. They have a game on Sunday, in Chicago against the Bears.

We have a few folks at work that hail from the fair (and highly taxed) state of Illinois.
Some of them live with me too. (Not those from work, just from Illinois)
A few at work have not been able to change their allegiance from the midwest to left coast.
There have been all sorts of good-natured ribbing this past week. Verbal, signs, etc.

One of the Bear’s fans had the grand idea to have a tailgate party today.
Folks brought all sorts of good tailgate type food. Lots of barbeque.

I brought the makings for nachos.
I had good intentions.

But after diligently working for 3-1/2 hours I was going to head to the kitchen and start prep work.

Only – Jay to the front counter please.
So – 1/2 hour later – I had explained what I could to the customer (really a future customer), and grabbed my fixings and headed to the kitchen.

Of course, the kitchen was full of food (not mine) and people.
I felt a little bad, but there was ALOT of good looking food.

So I stowed my fixings and sat down to enjoy others – food and company.
It was really fun. Just one of those – “we ought to …” – at the last moment, that really worked out. Of course, we all stayed indoors, out of the rain.

My nachos will make an entrance – tomorrow.


What else? Not much. Work. Workout. Eat. Repeat.

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