North to the land of …. just a little bit more

So today is the trip up to pick up the girl.
The post title refers to the fact that Vancouver always seems to get just a bit more than Seattle.
This refers to rain, snow, people in general, people at UBC (compare to UW), highly rated amateur athletic events (Olympics), and Hockey (Canucks vs Thunderbirds).

Now Seattle does have them beat in other athletic categories – like Baseball, Football, Basketball and Soccer (well they do have a MSL team starting up next year).

Yesterday we finished most of the shopping necessary and most of the mailing necessary. I spoke to Pooh and saw a post by Jane – and they both had miraculous post office experiences for the weekend before Christmas. Good parking – in limited situations, and very few folks to mingle with in line. We had reasonable experiences. Parked in the second lot and waited for about 20 folks to move along. Not too bad, and since we went together we had a chance to chat.

The tree is in its stand. Today it will be decorated (I hope). Pictures later if we succeed.

2 Responses to “North to the land of …. just a little bit more”

  1. jane Says:

    you can expect delivery of a package Tues/Wed. remember – good things come in small packages.

  2. Jay Says:

    Your package arrived Jane. On Monday – post office is being fast. No Pony Express in the states.

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