1. My governmental body bosses approved my BIG BIG PROJECT today!
    Now it can be disseminated for all others to take a whack at it.
     I am PUMPED.

2. I gave blood this morning. Sat next to a woman at the cookie table and talked about salt and sweet mixtures. This, just the day after Ashlan explained her love of salted chocolates. And the woman was from Michigan – just outside of Detroit. Small world. I am TIRED.

3. We went to the Men’s Chorus Glee concert tonight.
They sang many fabulous songs. One particular favorite was a rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas, as performed by Straight No Chaser. I had heard this tune while driving up to Canada yesterday, and wanted to tell folks about it – but could not figure out how to explain it. I am HAPPY.

4. While waiting in the parking lot line to get out, we could see a person on a half level below us pressing his key fob, and the car on the half level above us blinking its lights. It was amusing. [This parking lot was designed by a three-year old with a blender and clay. I just can’t imagine somebody putting it together with the ups, downs, curves, short car-doorways, and multiple entry/exits – only one of which was open to exit from.] I am LAUGHING.

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