Merry weekend before Christmas (almost)

I hope you are all having a good time ramping up for the holidays.

I know I am.
This weekend I am not going to work!
And I get to go pick up my darling daughter.
What more could I ask for?

I know – weather that is clear enough to make you want to be outdoors.
It does not have to be warm, just not pouring.
And that may happen. We will have to see.

In other news – wait, there is no other news.
No wait, I am sure there is, I just can’t think of it right now.

Happy weekend.

One Response to “Merry weekend before Christmas (almost)”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Low teens this morning. Perfect for a pre-dawn walk down to the farmer’s market and a cappuccino at the Sweetwater’s inside Kerrytown.

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