Baseball in December

It is December, but we decided to pretend it was a reasonable fall day, and headed off on foot to the ballpark.

Our destination was Safeco Field, roughly 6-1/2 miles.
It was dry when we started, and raining when we reached the stadium.
Of course, that could happen any day or any month of the year in Seattle.

We got in line with several others.
The occasion was Dave Niehaus’ memorial service.
The outside temperature was probably in the 40’s.
The roof was closed so it was dry, but there was not a dry eye during parts of the event.
Professional speakers were stopped by their emotions.
But there were many funny stories as well, and in the end we were glad we attended.

But after being outside since leaving the house at 9:30 and the end of the service around 2:30, we were – chilled …… to the bone. We went out for a hot bite to eat, and to toss around some of our own memories.

Once home, I realized that my body is still cold. In fact, Carl was still cold – which just about never happens. He has his jacket and hat on, an hour after getting home.

In other baseball news I stumbled upon the Tennessee Smokies website. They have some videos to help their fans through the winter. I was checking them out – and low and behold – a Rey sighting.

We love sighting Rey, and when we can’t have him in person, it is good to catch sight of him in any way we can.

One Response to “Baseball in December”

  1. Sam Says:

    I rarely check out videos online, but I did catch Rey in the one you linked to! (Briefly!)

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