Brief Update

No words of wisdom.
That’s because I have been trying to help usher the financial chapter to the Water Comprehensive Plan into an updated version.
For me it has been like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard for 3 straight days.

Now if all of the financial heads had a vision and agreed on what was to be shown I could bear this because there was a conclusion in sight.
However, we have new eyes on a process not fully understood and a number cruncher writer that has done this many times, and a number cruncher who has questions, requests, but at the end of the day really seems to grasp the bigger picture.

And I am trying to ask them to give each other the words to bring this to a conclusion.
By noon today.

Needless to say, it has been difficult to get just about anything else done.
And what is worse, I have been driving these others hard to get it done – and I feel badly that I can’t step in and just pick up more of the number work.

Now, we did get out to see a school performance on Wednesday night.
And tonight we have tickets to see Cris Williamson (and the Seattle Women’s Chorus) perform.

And most of this has been in the pouring rain (just to make the driving and communte times better).

On a more positive note – this is a picture of survival.

Wind Storm Aftermath

This was after a windstorm blew a tree into Eve’s bedroom, just next to her bed, at age 3.
Eve is the blue in the middle. The pink is what she saw – insulation that had previously been next to the roof. Eve was also the performer we went to see on Wednesday evening. With us was her younger sister, who’s survival of the windstorm into the bedroom was by grace of her having a cough. Her parents took her to their room, and 5 minutes later a tree landed on her crib. I have told this story before here, but we are currently in the midst of the wet, windy winter storms that end with stories like this. And we just got to spend an evening with the two girls – precious.

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