The Three Kings

Harwell, Niehaus and Santo.

Baseball lost three major announcers in the past year.
Detroit, Seattle and now Chicago, all have connections for our family.
Santo actually was from Seattle, albeight long before we were here.

The latest was Ron Santo. He was a CUB’s announcer. He was a CUB player. He was the CUB.
 As an announcer he added something different than the other two noted in this post. One commenter noted that he was the CUB’s biggest fan, and it showed in his broadcasts.

Santo - Cub 3rd Baseman

We have spent our share of time driving back and forth across the states.
At night, as we drove, we could pick up radio broadcasts from all over.
The Cubs’ broadcasts were a fairly frequent choice.

The first time I was introduced to Santos as a broadcaster, I thought he was drunk. The Cubs had probably lost or were losing, and he was all over the place. It was hilarious.

In more recent years we have caught him on the road. But we also have a little thing called XM radio, which allows us to hear broadcasts from all over the county. And Santo is amoung those that we have listened to, along with Pat Hughes – the straight man play-by-play announcer. You can get the details from Hughes, but you can get the real story by listening for the background broadcast. When there was a bad play you would hear, “Oh noooooo, Arghhhhh.” Often the words would come long after the feeling for the play let you know whether it was good or bad.

I hear my fair share of games. Some of them I even listen to.
I will miss looking forward to Santo’s reactions.

One Response to “The Three Kings”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I actually heard about this on NPR when I was on my way to the grokkery store at 0-skunk-30 this morning.

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