Other duties as assigned

I am getting ready to go home.
Blogging now will be one less thing to do when my mind goes completely numb.

I was well on my way to going numb as I tried, and somewhat succeeded in understanding some accounting mumbo-jumbo that is part of my big report. I was just going to sit down and put my newfound knowledge into words to share with the people who need to use it, and fellow worker walks in to my office.

It is closing time – that is why this employee had been leaving, and decided to stop into the loo before getting into traffic. (I often do this myself.) However, instead of the normal bathroom ambience, she found a sauna. That’s right, 94 degrees in the stall. So what to do? Ask Jay, she’ll take care of it.

Of course, the mechanically adept folks had all left at 4:00.
I gamely got onto our HVAC program, which informed me of the temperature, and that the heater was off. Well – I could tell that was an untruth. From my sleuthing I determined the temperature had started climbing about 11 AM. It reached the 90’s around 1 PM and stayed there. Apparently somebody else had noticed, but the mechanically adept person she approached was busy at that moment, and so it was not addressed.

45 minutes later, having basically accomplished nothing more than verifying electronically what I already knew to be true, I decided to bag trying to figure out how to tell the computer to shut off the heater – which it already thought was off. (It did note that the temperature was way out of range – ALARM – ALARM) I called our electrician, and he suggested I open the door and share the warmth with the lobby. I had already taken this step and reduced the temperature to 85 degrees. Mind is warm, but still a bit numb.

So, about an hour after I was planning to start writing about money and budgets and capital versus operating costs, I decided to wait until the morning. That will be the true test of whether I really learned any financial stuff today.

Traffic – well let’s just say that BLACK is not my favorite color to see on the highway maps.

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