While we were gone to the cold, snowy (NOT) midwest, Seattle had the SnOMG storm. (according to the newspaper reports).

And it is predicted to be a La-Nina year with higher than average snow, and colder than average temperatures.

So we thought it wise to check our chains for usability.
One of our cars is new – with different tire sizes than before, and the other car has new tires.
So we sat out in the driveway and attempted to put the chains on. No snow, no rain.

We were unsuccessful on the first car. We knew the tire size was not exactly what the chains called for, but thought we would try.

The second (older – but with new tires) car worked with existing chains – even though the tire size was not specifically listed (no P).

So off to the car store for new chains. It is one of those things I buy and then try not to use. But in Seattle chains can be a lifesaver. We do not have 4-wheel or all-wheel drive, just front wheel. My plan for a bigger event is to telecommute. But you never know when you will be away when the snow falls. And yes, I never used chains when I lived in Michigan, or in Colorado. But it is different here – warmer and icier and especially hillier.

I am glad we missed this latest storm. It sounded miserable. Up to 7 hour commutes to get home. If they get that long I will opt to stay at work. We do have cots.

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