Vacation’s last days

Wow – what a whirlwhind, at less than supersonic speed.

T-day shopping (not the power kind) – to get out of the house several of us set out for coffee. I was surprised at the number of places that were open on Thanksgiving. In addition to the Starbucks and grocery stores there was a Panera store that we passed.

The last time we were in Michigan there was a power outage near my parents house, and while we could see people in Panera’s they would not let us in. This time nephew David stopped in while we traipsed on to Starbucks. On our way back we were going to stop in and get a sandwich to hold us until the big meal. But they would not let us in. I think they had “closed” a minute or two earlier. We could see people inside, but they would not let us in. Again.

Thanksgiving (power eating – within reason)

Chief Cook Harry

On the menu – shrimp, chips, salad with walnuts and pomegranate seeds, turkey, stuffing with apricots and sausage, yams and mincemeat pie for dessert.

The young and older table

The middle generation

The people count was 12 total. Ages 23 – 83. It was good to have many together. As the kids get older and have their own lives to lead it is less frequent that we can find times to gather. This gathering came from Seattle, St. Louis, Jefferson City  (TN), and Washington D.C.. And Michigan.

Power Outage – really. Started at about 11 PM T-Day.

7 AM

What 7 AM really looked like (sans flash)

Breakfast – more power eating (and warmth). We had planned to gather and continue eating in the morning. Just one more chance to chat and hear of each other’s real lives.

Power Outage reality – back home at the ranch. Only a small area of the city appeared to be impacted by the power outage. But the outside temperature was only 22 degrees. With a brisk wind behind it. The temperature in the greenhouse (attached to the house) was 41 degrees. That is why there was a mass plant migration. This was the picture around noon.

Plants enjoying the space heater. Empty greenhouse beyond.

And they laughed when we gave them all blankets

The initial power company prediction on the power was 10 AM – noon. At noon it had been moved to 1:30-3:30 for restoration. We left at 12:30, so didn’t get to feel the warmth return.

Flight – powerful planes. Friday after Thanksgiving is not a heavy day for air travel. Easy time getting through all of the checkpoints.

Small world: While waiting for the plane to load Carl noticed a woman in the seats across from us. She nodded to him and he said, “56th St.” Turns out she was a neighbor about 15 years ago. Carl took care of her son on occasion – and then they moved away. Her four year old is now nineteen. We chatted so intently we all missed the boarding call and were literally the last people on the plane. She was about 10 rows behind us and we read and snoozed the trip west. Then – while we were picking up our luggage she found us and asked if we were doing the train/bus trip back home – which we were. And then offered us a ride home (her husband was there to pick us up). What a nice offer, especially since we did not have to walk the last 5 blocks in the rather steady rain that was falling.

And so we are home. The Seattle snow has all melted (by the rain) and the A2 snow was just starting as we left.

To all that we shared this with – Thank you. It was great. Safe travels to all come Sunday.

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