Ping Pong

Two games have been played at my parent’s house. Ping pong and scrabble. And that is the way it usually is.  The primary players are Carl & Rey. Carl started out with a winning streak of double digits. Rey finally got his game on and beat Carl two games in a row. Wanting to keep his streak alive, he challenged me. Although I gave him a scare by starting out in the lead, he was able to beat me two games in a row. I believe Pooh bested Rey at Scrabble, but I am not sure of the final score.

There are now six of us visiting my parents, and one more sibling that comes and goes. Later today there will be twelve for dinner. If my dad survives we will call this trip a success. He is the kitchen master, and you don’t want to intrude without an invitation.

The weather has been warmer than Seattle. Actually much like Seattle should be. Rain, cool, and yesterday even below freezing. But no snow yet. So we are out on a walk, again, to find an open grocery for the few bits that we need to replenish. And coffee. Seattle is never far from our hearts.

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