Hank’s Museum

Today Carl, Rey & I did some touristing in the Great Lake State.
We went to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
I have been here at least a few times when I was younger. It was a school field trip at least once, and probably some other trips as well. [Greenfield Village was not open today, so only the museum.]

We will start with some car pics

Cars - not all Fords

More Cars

Kennedy's Last Ride

Carl's 1st ride, sort of (this is a 1965)

Carl & Rey - on an outing

A favorite of Carl's (he is still a kid)

A shout out to the town where Carl & Jay met

Now there are a lot of cars in the Henry Ford Museum, and as shown above, a trolley or too. There are also trains (big ones, old ones, steam ones and diesel), planes, farm implements and ……  Furniture.

As it turns out, my parents’ house is a bit like a museum.
From the Henry Ford

The rocking chair (my parents' is grey)

The two solid blue - armless = our yellow dining room chairs, the one on wheels we have in black at a desk

Without the stool, in the living room we have one yellow and one green

Our black – wheeled desk chair – in use probably 50 years

Yellow - no wheels

The Museum's Eames Exhibit

Our living/dining room

Museum - classic Eames

Home – copy of the Eames

Now I really need to clarify that this is my parent’s home.
I grew up with this furniture, but my own home is still furnished in post college, relatively kid-proof hodge-podge. 

One Response to “Hank’s Museum”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, too many memories about Hank Ford’s museum with my Daytwa grandparents and (many years later) my kids and girl scouts, etc.

    Furniture? I call my decor an eclectic mix of Student Ghetto and Early Inlaw 😉 Seeya Thursday.

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