This is our second day in A2, but it is in many ways the first day of full consciousness.

Yesterday we took turns snoozing, or trying not to snooze, with pauses to walk (hard to sleep when walking) or eat (not as hard to sleep as with walking, but not easy either). Today we just slept in.

Very much like Seattle weather here today, and Seattle is having Michigan like weather.
I think we are having the easier time of it.

As for the vacation part – it is. Sitting and chatting, or just hanging together.
Tonight we may go to a movie – which is a rarity at home.
Then tomorrow we are hoping to get out of the house earlier and over to the Henry Ford Museum.

Also plan to get the camera out and take a few pictures.

And – I am working with Mom on a family tree. Actually we are adding the younger additions to a tree that had been put together several years ago. I am creating it in a software program that I have at work. Hopefully it will work out – if not – it is not that big a tree to create elsewhere. And it is kind of a fun exercise to experiment with the new software and learn where its (not mine) limitations lie.

One Response to “Day?”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    We’ll see you tonight! For a change, I’m the one who’s already up.


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