Jetted out at 11:35 PM. Arrived around 6:30 AM
By all definitions this was a red-eye.

I had great expectations of dozing through the flight, and started off well on my plan.
However, I had eaten a sandwich just prior to the flight that decided it did not agree with me.
So after an hour I had to disturb the nice lady dozing next to us.
And since the seat-belt sign was on, and I am a rule follower, so I also asked the flight attendant.

We finally landed, and after recovering our luggage, we called the Boy, who was with the Dad.
And they picked us up and whisked us home. Well to the Dad’s home.

Breakfast, and now Carl is power napping. He really did not sleep and truly had red eyes.
I am teetering on staying awake, but need to find a coffee cup with my name on it soon.

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