Cleaning can be fun

Especially when it means you are not working.

One last late night at work, and it is time to switch gears.
Of course not completely, I have some review work to do – but it is different.

We were both in the house, at the same time, on a weekend, with only a few errands to run. And, the temperature has dropped rather precipitously. We may have snow tomorrow. Ashlan reported 2″ in Vancouver, and the cold air is moving south.

So we decided it was time to go through the pile of various cold weather stuff that is piled in our staircase entry (really). Several years ago we bought an open cage metal drawer thing with four levels – one level for each person. Everybody was supposed to put their mittens, gloves, hats, etc in their drawer so they could be retrieved as needed. It worked, more or less. But in recent years it has become rather full, and not so organized.

I was trying to find gloves for Carl and decided it was time to just empty it out, pick through things and put back in things that were actually still in use. Or at least reasonably likely to be used.

We found lots of odd mittens and gloves, many with holes or other issues that had relegated them to the unusable status. Now, why they were not thrown away a long time ago? Who can say. So we ended up with 1 bag of trash, a bag that went down to the winter storage area (for pulling out if we actually get that cold, or need to share with others), a few items to the give-away box, and an organized amount of scarves, gloves and hats that got returned to the drawers.

We also found two ski-passes. Ashlan’s from 2002-03, and Rey’s from 2000. Cute pictures.

So our stair area is getting cleaner. We went through the jackets that were hung on the pegs as well. I don’t know that any got thrown out, but some were relegated to give-away and all but a few to the closet.

Next step up is full of odds and ends kind of papers. That may meet scrutiny this afternoon.

So this is the cleaning that really makes a difference – even in a small area. But it sure feels good, and makes you wonder what took you so long to get to it.

Oh yeah, 60 hour work weeks.

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