Mushroom Madness

I am a mushroom.
I live in the dark and am fed on s…

Well, today I wish I were a mushroom.
But I am just another worker trying to get my head straight when it is full of snot. Aches, pains, I should not be at work. But there were just too many things on the agenda today, and it is “just a cold.” It is not the flu.

Carl got to play in the back yard today.

This is the result of his work.

One afternoon's work

Can you tell what they are? My blog two blogs ago holds the key.

Mushrooms - a few different kinds, hundreds of them

 And there are still more out there. Hopefully there will be some more fine day tomorrow in which to pull mushrooms.

And he might just want to stay close to home tomorrow. There will be crowds around. Obama is stumping for candidates. First at a home (don’t know which one, but the neighborhood is not too far). Then at the UW Basketball Arena. Woo-hoo. I would love to just catch a glimpse. But will probably be working.

One Response to “Mushroom Madness”

  1. jane Says:

    happy birthday a day late! all day yesterday whenever I typed the date I thought – I have to email Joyce. or even Jay. never happened. ;-(

    so happy birthday plus one!

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