Mish Mash


Project working – got through 1 bit.
Soccer playing – not very well however, in my humble opinion.
Cold dealing with – not quite here, but energy very low, head very stuffed and achy.
Concert missing – due to cold (both of us). Boo hoo.
Card creating – remember Bosses day (which was Saturday – October 16th)

The card creating was probably the most fun. More time at the computer, but I learned more about doing art in word with clip-art kinds of things (wmv’s?) not audio, so I must have the type wrong. But I was able to change colors of bits and pieces of previously created (by others) things that are inserted as pictures. This was just an interesting little project to show a small amount of appreciation. But it opens up the mind for other possibilities.

Time for bed. (I was going to say, “early to bed, so I can be early to rise”, but then I realized it was almost 11:30. ‘Night.

One Response to “Mish Mash”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I took a Flash class a few years ago and I LOVED it! So much fun. Wish I had time to play with it now. Although Flash is frowned upon by most web standardistas (and Apple). Sorry to have missed boss’s day too, although my boss is probably not 😉

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