What a week

It was a week to forget.
Not really, but it was not the best week we have ever had.

Starting last weekend, both Carl & I got colds.
Carl’s may have started a day or two earlier, but by Sunday I was feeling it as well.

Unfortunately, life around us does not stop, and neither did we.
Luckily, Carl found the energy early in the week to make stuffed peppers.
They were great, and enough food to sustain us through three or four healthy dinners.
(Yes, in a row, and I did not care, it was good, warm food.)

There was also the little item called a birthday that happened.
It was celebrated at work with a loaf of cinnamon chip bread (or was that for bosses day), lemon pie, raisin cookies, and a small box of chocolates.
And telephone calls. Both the kids, and a message from my parents and in-laws.
Since I share a birthday with my father-in-law, we almost always remember to talk.
On the home front we did not feel like doing anything more, but I did not really work at home that night either.

Which brings me to the other main issue of the week, and the week before, and the coming weeks. WORK.

It is all capitals right now. Deadlines everywhere. Two, no three, no really four major projects. One major, major project is going to get done, come H*** or high water. Then there is the budget. With my plugged head I just could not get the numbers to make any kind of sense. And I had a meeting Friday afternoon (2 PM), immediately following my major, major project meeting at 1 PM. So on Friday morning I started typing up my departments reason for being, and what major issues were in the near term (next few years). This is what backs up the need for $$, which should flow readily from there. It has been in my head, but with a brand new boss, and just because it is good to have a written plan, I started writing. After four hours of typing I had the first two sections pretty well done. It was going to have to do for the budget meeting. Now I did have my pittance of operating expenses (<$50,000) roughly sketched out, and I knew what my major, major project (capital) was going to be around (1/2 Million). It is just the how to show the figures correctly …

Luckily for me, my budget meeting was limited to 1 hour due to another department needing to meet. And we were all limited to needing to leave work at 4:30 because the nearest high school’s home-coming parade shuts down our entrance exit by about 4:45. So after a little more than an hour I was allowed to return to my office.

I was exhausted, and had a full load of work to continue on. Not likely on that day, but from here until T-Day as near as I can tell. Pedal to the metal.

And then I got a call (not my birthday) from Rey.
Always nice to talk with Rey, but I had only spoken with him the previous day, so I was a bit surprised. But it was good news. This is starting the third year that Rey will be working for the Tennessee Smokies. He started as a Concessions Intern (helping to run the concessions department). Last year he was hired full time (re: health care) as  a Group Sales person. Now he has been promoted to the Group Sales Director. [Don’t get too excited, it is still the same small organization.] It has a lot more responsibilities, and should be some really good experience.

I just re-read this to Carl and he noted that I can babble in print as well as I babble out loud to him when I come home from work after a stressful day. Anyway …

Baseball – because it is the playoffs. We were happy that the Rangers beat the Yankees last night (sorry Dad). Today we are rooting for the Giants. The Phillies would not be too bad, but the Giants would be better.

My real Birthday wish, for several years now, is to go to a baseball game. On my birthday. In Seattle. That used to mean they were in the World Series. Now they have mashed to schedule so it would mean the AL Championship Series, but I guess that would be OK too.

That’s why they call it a wish.

2 Responses to “What a week”

  1. Sam Says:

    Belated happy birthday! Apologies for forgetting….

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